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The sanction is subject to fulfillment of following conditions:-
1.The school will implement Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as per the schemes of the Board upto Classes X vide Circular No. 39/20-09-2009 dated 20.09.2009 in the school.

2. The school will follow the syllabus on the basis of curriculum prescribed by NCERT/CBSE and text books publishing by NCERT/CBSE for the Middle Classes. The school will follow syllabus and courses as per scheme of studies prescribed by the Board for Secondary/Sr. Secondary School Examination and changes made therein from time to time.

3.The school will follow the RTE Act, 2009 and instructions issued thereon by the CBSE/Respective State /UT Govt from time to time.

4.The school will enroll students proportionate to the facilities available in the school as prescribed in the Affiliation Bye-Laws of the Board which shall not in general exceed the optimum number as under :-


Campus area


No. of Sections (pre-primary to X)


1.0 acre


02 in each class


1.5 acre


03 in each class


2.0 acre


04 in each class

(d) School running on bigger campus of more than 02 acres, the number of students shall be restricted as per the actual facilities in the school which shall be proportionate to the optimum number mentioned at (a), (b) and (c) above.
(e) Schools running on less than 01 acre campus shall restrict number of students as follows:-



Area of land

No. of students


Secondary School

2000 sq. mtrs

600 upto Class X


Sr. Secondary School with two streams

3000 sq. mtrs

900 upto Class XII

5.  The school will provide well equipped Laboratories, Library and other facilities as per norms of the Board. The relevant books to the academic level of students to be made available in the library and would keep at least 05 books per student subject to a minimum of 1500 books excluding text books.

6. The school will also abide itself by the conditions of affiliation already prescribed by the State Government concerned.

7.  As per Affiliation Bye-laws the optimum strength of a section should not exceed more than 40 students.

8. School should have at least one adequately equipped computer lab with a minimum of 10 computers and would ensure computer student ratio of 1:20 at least. Proper software along with facility of Broad Band connectivity with the feature of ‘internet always on’ from  any service provider to be ensured.

9. The school will strictly adhere with all rules regarding safety of students including Fire fighting and Transportation, etc. Further, school will provide adequate facilities for potable drinking water and clean healthy and hygienic toilets with washing facilities for boys and girls separately in proportion to the number of students.

10. 5-6 names of persons not below the rank of Principal of Sr. Secondary School affiliated with the Board be recommended so that two of them may be approved by the Board as its nominee in the School Managing Committee.  Of these 2-3 may be Principal of KV/JNV.

11.    The school will create Reserve Fund as per the requirement of the Affiliation Bye Laws.

12.    The accounts should be audited and certified by a Chartered Accountant and proper accounts statements should be prepared in the name of school, as per rules. A copy each of the Statements of Accounts should be sent to the Board every year.

13.  The section teacher ratio of 1:1.5 is to be maintained to teach various subjects and school shall appoint qualified and trained teaching staff on regular basis as per provisions of Affiliation Bye Laws of the Board.

14.    The school and its records shall be opened for inspection by an officer/official of the Board or an authorized representative of the Board/State Educational Department at any time and the school shall furnish information as may be asked for by the Board/State Government from time to time.

15.    It is mandatory for every affiliated school to become a member in the local Sahodaya of CBSE schools.

16. The Board would not allow any transfer of property/sale of school by one society/ Management/ Trust to another Society/Management/Trust through agreement/sale deed and the school shall not be closed down in the same premises. In case such transaction is effected explicitly or implicitly the Board shall withdraw its affiliation with immediate effect.

17.    The school should not start Class XI/XII without written approval of the Board. The Board shall not be responsible for any consequences in case class XI/XII is started without following the Affiliation Bye Laws and obtaining the prior approval of the Board.

18.    The school will apply for further Extension of Provisional Affiliation ‘on online’ through with the prescribed fee of Rs. 25,000/- and other essential documents before 30th June of the preceding year before the expiry of the date of provisional affiliation otherwise penalty @ Rs 10,000/- p.m. subject to maximum Rs 50,000/- will be charged for late execution of application.

19.    The school will open CBSE pattern classes IX w.e.f. 01.04.2016. Accordingly, 1st   Batch of class X of the school will be appeared at the Board’s Examination to be held in the year 2018.

20.    School will provide physical facilities as per norms of the Board.  The facilities reported at the time of last inspection are as given under:-
(i)                   Area of school campus                                   - 8497.140 Sq. Mtr.                            
(ii)                 Area of play ground                                         - 2907.97 Sq. Mtr.                              
(iii)                No. of class rooms                                           - 18        
(iv)               No. of labs  Composite Science Lab - 01, Maths - 01, Computer Science - 01
(v)                 Size and number of books in the Library 48’ x 20’, No. of Books 1520.

21.    Special conditions to be complied within three months positively failing which the school is liable for action:-
(A)  School has to set up Maths lab with necessary equipment upto secondary level.                             


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